Ok, I'm not an equipment or gadget freak, but since the question has been raised once or twice, I will reveal my deepest photographic secrets.
This is not a picture of my camera, but it's pretty much what my first one looked like. I used it for many years, and although the pictures weren't very sharp, it supplied me with many great snaps. Priceless memories from a treasured friend. None of the pictures in this site have come out of this lens, except for the sample to the right here
KODAK Instamatic
From here I progressed to an Olympus Trip - a great little camera that accompanied me and Siri when we backpacked around the world in 77-78. The next step was a proper Minolta -  I stuck to the standard 45mm lense for years. This was the camera which took all the pictures of the kids when they were young, and it was also responsible for the Cairo-pictures on this site.
By Silver City in the Black Hills, 1974
The wharf at Fare, Huahine, French Polynesia, 1978
Princesses to be
The Royal Palace
Oslo, 1990
minolta SRT
After 20 years the Minolta said good-bye, and I purchased a Canon EOS - my last one for standard (now 'old-time') film. Some of the pictures from Tufi, PNG are taken with this one, and also most of the others from the period 1999 to 2006. This is the camera that was lost (curtsey of Continental Airlines) after the Heathrow commotion in August -06 (see Travel Stories).
Canon EOS
In action at Millaa Millaa Falls
Queensland, 2005
Paluma rain forest
north of Townsville, 2005
My three present cameras are a small Nikon Coolpix 4200,  an Olympus SP-510UZ, and a Nikon D60. The small Nikon was a gift from colleges and has been my invaluable rescue in times of crisis. When my luggage w. Canon camera was lost in 06, this little one took on the responsibility of recording my travels through the US and Fiji. Several pages on this site have thus been illustrated with coolpics. I have also preferred to bring this camera along when the chance of getting wet has been great, but the last few years it has been mostly parked in a drawer.


Nikon COOLPIX 4200
The North Rim of
The Grand Canyon,  2006
Chicago, 2006
Olympus SP-510UZ

Koala in the wild
Magnetic Island, Queensland -  2007
Gamlehaugen - The Royal's Bergen residence
The Olympus was purchased in Australia to replace the lost Canon. This choice was a farewell to film and a final step into digital photography. I have loved this camera! It's very steady even with full zooming , and some of the pre-sets have been very useful for me. The panorama function is also quite nice, I think (see top of 'Photos' page and below).
Once you get bitten by the bug it seems evident that you want to move on. For me that meant a Nikon D60, soon complemented with a Sigma 18-200 lens. Since I knew I would be doing some more hiking in rainforests and other places where it is a point to have little  to carry, an 'all-in-one' lens seemed the right choice. Along with this I have learned more about what I'm doing when I'm snapping away, and I think it shows. Here are some samples:
The Sultan's Mosque
Bandar Seri Begawan
Brunei, Borneo

Bird-wing butterfly
Papua New Guinea

Photo by Hayatti - Brunei, 2009
Nikon D60
SIGMA 18-200 OS