Tufi Impressions
There are many reasons why Tufi is one of my favourite spots in this world, but most of all it's because it is here that I have had the opportunity to really get to know people whose lives are very, very different from my own. The leap from my city life in rich Norway to villages with a modest subsistence life style, no electricity, not even an outboard motor, is vast, but with the open minded and hospitable people here the distance doesn't seem far at all.

The fact that there is a wonderful resort nearby makes Tufi a perfect base for exploring a unique country. A touch of luxury and a touch of the genuine at the same spot, but not in collision - no, in my view they manage to co-exist in a way that seems to work very well. As a visitor and guest I can enjoy all of it: the traditional guest houses; long evenings talking with the villagers; rain forest walks and outrigger paddling; gourmet resort dinners; world class diving - and all so far away from 'civilization' that every breath of air is pure medicine. Here are just a few short impressions:
Impression 2
Walk to Kikita
Impression 1
Kofure morning
Impression 3
Tufi fjord singers
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New impression:
Six days around Tufi